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         Dona and Jerry Locklair    
O LORD, thou art our father, we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.


    Seeking to sharpen the edge on their talents, Dona and Jerry found their way individually to the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida in the early '70s. From there, they merged their lives, their talents and their college training into a husband-and-wife art team.

    Dona Hargrove and her sister Cecile, daughters of the late Rev. Grady and Bernise Hargrove, grew up in Screven County near Millen, Georgia. Dona's father, a Baptist minister, built their home on the family farm and commuted to and from several churches during his sixty three years in the ministry.

    Jerry Locklair's late mother and father, Frances and B. D. "Pete" Locklair, Sr. and his sister Linda and brother David, were a farm family in Sumter County near Lynchburg, S.C. Jerry's father, a cotton, corn, soybean and tobacco farmer, also raised farm animals. Many of  the Locklairs' paintings reflect their farm experiences.   Their family members often become the subjects in their paintings.  

    The Locklairs'  work is not only inspired by their local southern surroundings but also by their travels in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Their studies of original works of the world’s greatest masters have further enhanced their talents.

    Jerry, a previously self-employed commercial artist, entered Ringling where he was selected as an honor student. While at art school, he met Dona. They were married January 1st, 1974, during their last year at Ringling, where Dona received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

      Their work is noted for realism and historically accurate depictions of life in the Old South and as it is today. They painted scenes of other parts of the world as well. Each team effort painting is a result of the merging of their talents into single works of art, much like the Old Masters did. They also painted individually as well.

    The Locklairs have been commissioned by state universities and other noted organizations to commemorate special events. Also, their work is owned by churches, museums, presidents, dignitaries, actors, professionals and people of all walks of life throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries.

The Locklair's two adult sons are Jeremy and Jason. Dona passed away from a rare Cancer on June 7th, 2017, two days after her 66th birthday. Jerry now maintains a studio where he continues to create his artwork alone.

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