Farm Family Art Prints
Item # 40
Limited Edition
26" x 17"
Plus 2" borders
" Goin’ Home "

by Dona & Jerry Locklair

Item # 39
Signed Edition
13" x 9"
Plus 2" borders

There was a time when wagons were the main transportation for a farm family.      This painting reflects back to the time when the family visited the local store or mercantile to buy their staple groceries and other goods.      The children, along with their parents, visited the store to purchase the items needed.     Each child got a penny piece of candy .      Dona and Jerry Locklair’s two sons, wearing denim overalls, are riding on the back of the wagon, along with friends, re-enacting this scene of a family returning from the country store.

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All Prints and Original Artwork Copyright by Dona & Jerry Locklair